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Where does your CV go if you register on Internet Job Sites?

Register on a CV writing website and your CV automatically goes into the CRM system of one of a number of CV Writing companies whether you like it or not. You get phoned by these call centre type people, none of whom are experts on CVs and listen while they read out a crib sheet as to why your CV is poor. So you reluctantly part with your Credit Card details as you feel vulnerable as you haven’t worked for a few weeks.

You then get an appointment with a so called Consultant for an hour if you are lucky (sometimes only 20 minutes) so that they can ask you a few questions about your career – not really long enough if you have had a long successful career. 5 days later you will receive your brand spanking new CV but will it be any good or not ? Of course NOT – you will have been totally ripped off.

The only way to deal with these companies is to put the phone down on them straight away – they are giving the industry a bad name and they need to be put out of business. If you are seriously having difficulty writing your own CV then research the market and find an experienced CV Writer who will take their time with you and more importantly come and meet you in person.

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