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'Vague' job ads waste applicants' and employers' time

As many as nine out of 10 online job ads do not meet the minimum requirement in terms of providing basic information such as hours and pay according to research from Citizens Advice.

The research stated that nine out of 10 ads on internet job portals failed to meet Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) requirements. Basic information about wages and hours was missing, leaving people unable to assess if a job would allow them to pay the bills or fit around commitments such as childcare.

Vague job ads also risked wasting employers’ time and money because a lack of information could increase the number of unsuitable applications and put stronger candidates off applying.

Analysis by Citizens Advice of more than 824 online job ads found two out of five were unclear about whether a position was full or part-time, temporary or permanent; one in five did not give pay details; and one in 10 did not specify either an employer or an agency, so applicants were unaware of who they were sending their details to.

The ASA says all of this information should be included, together with a clear and accurate description of the work involved.

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