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Universal Credit Update

Universal Credit is a radical new service that reduces poverty by making work pay. It supports people who are on a low income, or out of work and ensures that people are better off in work than on benefit.

Universal Credit is based on income not the number of hours people work, and ends the 16 hours a week rule that may previously have led people to restrict the hours they work to avoid losing benefits. Employers will:

• Find it easier to fill jobs as more jobseekers will be willing to consider part time or temporary work

• Be able to identify opportunities for flexible working using your existing part time employees for overtime and extra shifts at peak times, without the overheads associated with recruiting and training new staff.

Universal Credit is already live in nearly 140 jobcentre areas across Great Britain and will be in every jobcentre by this time next year.

On 2 March 2015 Universal Credit expanded further to families in 96 of those areas – completing our plans to make it available to even more families by spring 2015.

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