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The First 10 Seconds of your CV

Whilst I fully appreciate that there are so many opinions these days about CVs, I have to say that there are still some really bad errors creeping into a lot of documents. For example, why are people still putting the words “Curriculum Vitae” down at the top of a CV when we know exactly what the document is?

Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life. However, I never use it on any of my CVs and am constantly advising my clients not to include it as it’s now regarded as something of an old fashioned statement.

Start with your name at the top of the page usually in Bold and also in a larger font size, preferably size 18 if you are using size 11 for the body of the CV. Then you can include your home address on 2 lines – don’t try and cram the whole address on one line – that looks awful – in some cases I actually advise my clients not to include a home address at all.

After the address I always include the Telephone number, often written as just “Tel” with the mobile number written in 2 sections – I can never understand people who write down all 11 numbers in one go – makes it almost impossible to read – so write it as 07968 123456. Finally an email address should follow – you don’t necessarily need the word “Email” because it’s obvious what it is. Please don’t use anything silly – keep it business-like and professional as nobody will take you seriously if you come up with a stupid email address.

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