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Silly CV Mistakes

In the recruitment industry, we go through a lot of CV’s! It’s really interesting to see how individuals sell themselves. The most important thing to remember when writing a CV is that it is your first impression. It may be brutal, but a CV is your one and only shot to impress an employer and persuade them to take you further. Why would you not want it to be perfect?

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made when writing CVs. Do any apply to you?

1)      No contact details! – This has to be the silliest. You could have the most amazing CV ready to blow any employers socks off, but it is not good to anybody if we can’t contact you. Don’t miss out on opportunities, make sure your contact details are on your CV and kept up to date.

2)      Telling Lies – We know that it can be difficult to write good things about ourselves, but don’t make it up! Anything you write in your CV is likely to be brought up in an interview.  Employers are very clever and can separate fact from fiction pretty easily. Be honest in your CV, Write about the qualities you are proud of. It’s the first step to finding a career that suits you and your abilities.

3)      Fonts and colours – there is absolutely nothing wrong with your personality reflecting through your CV, but less is more! Unless you are seeking a career in the artistic industry, there really is no need for bright colours and fancy effects.

4)      Out of date information – Anything you achieve or gain experience in should be recorded in your CV. A CV is the only way potential employer can decide whether your skills and experience meet the requirements of the job. If you don’t explain what you have been up to, an employer will assume you don’t have what they need. Again, don’t miss out on opportunities!

5)      Spelling and grammar mistakes – You can never proof read a CV enough. If you send or submit a CV full or spelling and grammar errors, it will reflect badly on your application. All though spell check is helpful, it is not 100% reliable. It may be worth asking a friend or family member to read through your CV too.

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