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Questions You Should Ask Your Recruitment Advertising Agency – Part Two

Continued from part one …

How many candidates do you have on your database? 

The wider reach a recruitment agency has, the more likely they are to find the perfect candidate for you. Take Vivico Recruitment for example; we advertise on the Big 6… the most popular and effective national job boards on the market! Not only do we help you gain the widest exposure on these major job boards but also social media, the job centre and even specialist boards!

However, please keep in mind that it’s not just numbers that are important. Some agencies might have fewer candidates on their database but they may be of much better quality. Quality over Quantity… Vivico Recruitment like to provide Quality AND Quantity, why chose one over the other hay?

Why should I choose you over other recruitment agencies?

You should be asking questions like; what sets you apart from your competitors? Are your services guaranteed? Will I receive guidance, advice and help throughout my campaign? What’s your success/ application rate for similar positions?

Find out if they offer a very competitive rate – have a look at similar agencies and compare prices, process and services. Think about your requirements and what’s important to you and the company.

If you’re looking or a Recruitment Agency, Look no further! Vivico Recruitment has specifically designed our services to closely fit the needs of any company, on any budget, all around the UK. We offer first class advertising services and helpful support services (i.e. shortlisting, CV database search, telephone assessments and regret emails) that are guaranteed to help you find the perfect candidate(s). We even have experts to SEO write you recruitment advert to ensure you are attacking the right audience. For more information, call us on 0845 643 6906 or click here.

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