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Outplacement – over rated or useful?

I am often approached by clients who have been made redundant and whose previous company have offered them an Outplacement package as part of their severance. This is all very well as we know why big corporates in particular provide this service to outgoing executives :-

1. It sends an important message to the remaining staff and reduces any adverse publicity

2. It ensures that the correct procedures are followed and that the best support is being offered

3. It brings in professional expertise to advise on the best ways of finding future opportunities

However, the one vital document you need to conduct your job search is a CV, and that is the one area where Outplacement provides a distinct lack of expertise. Outplacement companies do not re-write your CVs and in many cases dish out poor advice about them too.

Considering the thousands of pounds your former employer have paid these Outplacement providers are they getting a good return for their money or are they merely paying lip service so that you leave on good terms ?

by Ian Viner
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