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Hygiene voted worst office etiquette

Poor personal hygiene has been voted as the worst office ‘faux-pas’.

Research, which surveyed 1,000 office workers, showed that a third of respondents believed personal hygiene was the most annoying issue.

Almost a quarter believed that smelly food was the biggest office problem with more than a fifth finding lateness irritating.

Team mates who aren’t prepared to share the spotlight or the credit for a piece of work are a problem, with 17 per cent of people claiming they are fed up with colleagues taking credit for work that isn’t theirs.

Ciaron Dunne, CEO at Office Genie, said: “Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will be able to identify with these irritating, and common, faux pas. And it’s likely we have a colleague who commits one or several of these on a daily basis.

“The chances are though that you’re also a culprit of one these office sins, and that the junk littering your desk, or your penchant for eating eggs over your morning emails, is silently driving the person next to you crazy. No one can be perfect, and certainly not for eight hours a day, but such considerations can make for a healthier, happier working environment.

Original research: Office Genie

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