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DWP and UKCES launch seven projects to fight low pay!

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and DWP conducted a competition that
addressed the challenge of how to increase earnings for low income workers whilst tackling costly
retention, recruitment and skills gaps faced by businesses.

As part of this new initiative, seven new projects aimed at fighting low pay launched on 11 June
2015 across the UK. The projects, jointly funded through private and public investment, are aimed
at the retail and hospitality industries, which have some of the lowest pay rates in the economy.

Major firms in the retail and hospitality industries, including Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ and the Rocco
Forte hotel chain, are running the projects, joining forces with UKCES and the DWP. The projects
will trial new ways of designing jobs, delivering training and support, increasing business and staff
productivity and ultimately raising take home pay for workers on low wages.

For more information about the competition visit the UKCES website.

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