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Archive for December 2014

Star Client – Clara Buckingham

It is an absolute pleasure to have Clara as one of our clients. Not only is Clara brilliant at what she does for Igloo Books, she is also lovely to work with. Clara always come to us with any recruitment need and as result has had a 90% reduction in recruitment costs since advertising with…

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The Benefits of an Apprentice

Did you know that 1 in 5 employers are hiring apprentices? Click here if you would like help finding an Apprentice! Apprentice schemes are quickly becoming the favorable option to further education and also becoming a favorable recruiting option for employers seeking dependable staff. 76% of companies who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace…

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Katherine Duff – Interview Tips – Part 2

Continued from Katherine Duff – Part 1 During the interview Give them enough time to answer your questions and allow for nerves, especially at the beginning Be prepared to repeat or rephrase your question if they don’t understand what’s being asked Encourage them to talk – although the interview is a two-way process, the candidate…

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Katherine Duff – Interview Tips – Part 1

Part One A huge thank you to all the staff at Vivico for featuring me as their VIP client in the last newsletter!  They’re a great team to work with and they give a lot of support to me and as a result, to our Keeping HR Simple clients. As a HR Consultant, I’m only…

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